“You know you picked a good DJ when every one of the guests you talk to comment on how amazing your DJ is before they say anything about your dress. “Your DJ is the best I’ve ever seen! Oh, and congrats, btw, on your wedding and stuff.” 🙂 I saw Nate DJing a bridal show, and knew we had to have him at our wedding. So much so, that we picked our wedding day, we based it on when Nate was available. Nate is hands down the best DJ I’ve ever seen. His attention to detail is amazing; he takes the time to actually meet with you and have an in-depth conversation about your style and how music can complement your wedding day. Then he plans everything to a T, so you don’t have to worry about anything or answer any last minute questions on the big day. He played just the right mixture of music and got all our guests out on the dance floor having a good time. From a rap battle to a candles-in-the-air Beatles tribute to an epic air guitar solo, he had the crowd going all night. So much so, that they all wanted him to come to the after party. Nate was an all around cool guy, and made our reception one for the books.”