“Best DJ around and I’m not biased because it was my wedding! If you hate reading long, drawn-out reviews, just know Amplify is the DJ service you want to go with, and you will not regret it.

Now for the long-winded review. Before starting, just know our wedding consisted of Rugby players and cops 😳.

I was lucky enough to get a recommendation from a friend about Nate’s DJ company for my wedding. Once you decide on his company, you have a couple of small questionnaires, including questions such as how much attention you want, what percentage of people at the wedding will be dancing, and more. After the questionnaires, you get to look at the portfolio of different DJs, including Nate. Each DJ has a profile showing songs they like and what kind of wedding vibe they work best with.

Wedding day. I would never say our wedding went off without a single hiccup, but Nate was definitely not one of them. Once the reception started, he kept everything flowing smoothly. Even rolling with a surprise shoe game request with ease.

Nate showed how truly professional he is when my best man started his speech with “(my name) is an *sshole.” As soon as he heard these words, he immediately looked to my wife, waiting for the signal to cut his mic. Luckily she had no problem with his speech.

Nate had plenty of other moments that helped make our special day unforgettable. 10/10 would recommend him for any party, wedding or event!”