“Working with Amplify was amazing. They might be the only company that’s mastered both the science and the art of doing the music for a wedding. On the front end, they walk you through every step of the process for how you want the reception to unfold, how you want the DJ to MC the event, etc. For the actual reception, they help you pinpoint the genres you’d like to hear and the one’s you don’t. Everyone had an amazing time and loved the playlist our DJ came up with. Knowing that every aspect of the music and audio was taken care of because the staff at Amplify walked us through every detail, and knew which questions to ask (questions we hadn’t even thought of). All of that took a HUGE amount of stress off our plate on the wedding day. During every phase of the planning, and on the wedding day, everything by Amplify was handled with consummate professionalism. I would not book a DJ until you at least meet with the guys at Amplify and get a sense for their process and the value (and peace of mind) they can provide for your big day.”