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Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Thomasville wedding venue Pebble Hill is a truly breathtaking destination wedding venue known for its enduring beauty among rows of majestic oak trees and towering pines. Each and every wedding at Pebble Hill is unique in part due to the endless options of where to hold each part of the wedding day, from ceremony to cocktail hour to the reception.

Originally built in 1825, Pebble Hill took on the role of a destination hunting resort in the late 1800s for the original snowbirds, wealthy northerners who flocked to the South to relax and enjoy the warmth of southern Georgia while hunting quail. Many famously well-heeled visitors made Thomasville their winter resort, including the Rockefellers, the Vanderbilts, President William McKinley, and even Jackie Kennedy. President Eisenhower is said to have visited Pebble Hill during his trips to Thomasville to hunt and play golf. The 18-bedroom main house that sits on the grounds today was built in 1936 and has been meticulously and pristinely maintained across its sprawling 3,000 acres. Wedding guests are often encouraged to arrive early and take a tour of the main house, which will make them feel like they're walking the set of Downton Abbey.

Our clients love the countless location options for their wedding ceremonies: the front lawn of the main house, the famous oak tree nearby, the tennis court, the kitchen gardens, the stepping gardens, or at the lesser known, practically off-menu Oak Post (we have some photos of it in the slider above!). Cocktail hours and receptions are held at any of these locations but also add to the mix the popular and stunning Stable Courtyard, which is the most iconic spot overall. And believe it or not, all of that just covers the "main grounds." There's also the Uno Hill Barn (which has full heating/AC), the much larger Sugar Hill Barn (which doesn't currently offer heating/AC but is perfect for larger weddings when the weather is cool but there's a potential threat of rain), and the charming Piney Grove Church. We recommend taking a tour with the team at Pebble Hill, because it's much better experienced in person.

Amplify has provided sound (DJ and live music) and lighting at every single location at Pebble Hill and for every practical combination of different venues across more than 100 weddings we've performed here, so we know this place pretty well! It's one of our favorite locations for weddings and we love how much it wows wedding guests as soon as they arrive and throughout the duration of the wedding day.


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Insider Tips

  • You're able to book different spots across the four primary areas at Pebble Hill: the Main Grounds (including the Stable Courtyard, tennis court, kitchen garden, oak tree, and more), the Sugar Hill Barn, the Uno Hill Barn, and the Piney Grove Church. Not only do we recommend considering this for variety, but to also account for a solid rain contingency. For example, you may be planning for a reception in the Stable Courtyard with the back-up plan being the Sugar Hill Barn.

  • Schedule ample time for photos, because (again due to the varied locations across Pebble Hill) the photo opportunities here are endless. We recommend beginning early with as many photos before the wedding as possible and then scheduling a full cocktail hour for the remaining photos. Don't worry, because with cocktail hour spots like the kitchen garden, just add background music (via our DJ or one of our live musicians), a generous bar and some passed hors d'oeuvres, your guests will be just fine while you're exploring your next magazine-worthy photo opp.

  • Since we're still talking about varied locations (!), keep in mind that you may need to add a third sound system when booking your wedding at Pebble Hill so you can ensure music is present at any of the three locations. This wouldn't be required if you have your reception and cocktail hour at the same spot OR if you replace a third system with one or more of our live musicians for cocktail hour.

  • Speaking of live musicians, we definitely recommend considering adding one or more for either your wedding ceremony and/or cocktail hour as the vibe is perfect for this venue. Our DJ can still provide wireless mics and perform emcee duties during the ceremony and cocktail hour and then take over for music as well during the reception when you'll want to tap into our selection of 25+ million songs across all genres of music. Our clients agree that the most ideal combination is live music for ceremony + cocktail hour (with the DJ running sound/wireless mic + emcee duties) with the DJ taking over completely for the reception and the party! Our live string trio is a particularly good for for the ceremony and our saxophonist is a great fit for cocktail hour. You can even book a hybrid option of saxophonist jam-soloing on top of DJed music (jazz, lounge, big band, as a few examples) and this has been a HUGE hit at recent weddings and events we've DJed.

  • Most of our wedding clients at Pebble Hill reserve an Amplify dance floor. You'll be able to choose from a variety of styles and sizes to ensure it matches your decor and needs just right. A dance floor + subfloor is necessary at the Stable Courtyard in order to keep dust levels down. It's recommended, but not required, in the Sugar Hill Barn. It's mostly a decoration/nice-to-have aesthetic in the Uno Hill Barn.

  • If your wedding reception will take place in the Stable Courtyard, it's important to consider layout. We and your wedding planner can help ensure it's functional all-around, but from the DJ standpoint, the key is to have the DJ close to the bar (don't worry, we never drink on the job!) and even closer to the dance floor. This ensures that the loudest music is experienced when on the dance floor and that your DJ can interact with the crowd more easily. The close proximity to the bar means that the party can all be in one place and your guests can enjoy themselves with ease!